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B dieta chodakowska Vol. MacarieCharacteristics of coronary artery disease in men with type 2 diabetesmellitus Carmen Elena Pleşoianu, Magda Bădescu, Cătălina Arsenescu GeorgescuHeart rate variability in dilated cardiomyopathy - usefulness,prognostic b dieta chodakowska C. Matei, I. Coman, E. The national society journalspresent selected research that has driven recent advances in clinicalcardiology R.

RosenhekCoronary artery fistula visualized with computed tomographyangiography Raluca G. Saru, Philippine Kies, Lucia J. KroftVascular Doppler: Iatrogenic pseudoaneurysms - Ultrasonographicevaluation Ileana ArsenescuCoronary angiography: Balloon angioplasty complicated withcoronary perforation A.

Negoiţă, D. XXII, Nr. MacarieParticularităţi ale cardiopatiei ischemice la bărbații cu diabet zaharattip 2 Carmen Elena Pleşoianu, Magda Bădescu, Cătălina Arsenescu GeorgescuVariabilitatea ritmului cardiac în cardiomiopatia dilatativă —utilitate, valoare prognostică C. The national society journalspresent selected research that has driven recent dvances in clinicalcardiology R.

KroftDoppler Vascular - Pseudoanevrismele iatrogene - Evaluareaultrasonografică Ileana ArsenescuCoronarografie - Angioplastie cu balon complicată cu perforaţiecoronariană A. Cross-sectional image. Arrow points at fistula communication between to the pulmonary artery.

Three-dimensional reconstructed image. Arrows indicate fistula communication between LAD and the pulmonaryartery. MoldovaAssen R. Opinions, ideas, results of studies published in the RomanianJournal of Cardiology are those of the authors and do not reflect the position b dieta chodakowska politics of the Romanian Society of Cardiology.

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Nopart of this publication can be reproduced, registered, transmitted under any form or means electronic, mechanic, photocopied, recorded without the previous written permission of the editor.

Avrig nr. Macarie 2Article received on the 21 st of March Article accepted on the 12 th of August Abstract: Acute heart b dieta chodakowska has become a real public health issue in the USA, as well as in many European countries.

Mortalityrates during hospitalization remain high. Clinical trials have yet to prove their efficiency in generating therapies capable ofimproving survival rates.

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The authors of this observational study have enrolled in the study randomly b dieta chodakowska patients, chosenfrom two hospitals of different ranking and analyzed the demographical, evolution, clinical and treatment characteristics. Thefollowing independent negative predictors were identified by using a multivariate regression logistic model: arterial hypotension,renal dysfunction, peripheral edema, anemia and severe left ventricle systolic dysfunction. In contrast, high bloodpressure at admission and the use of beta-blockers during admission were protection b dieta chodakowska, being associated with a positiveprognostic.

Keywords: acute heart failure, prognostic factorsRezumat: Insuficienţa cardiacă acută a devenit în SUA și în multe ţări europene o reală problemă de sănătate publică. Mortalitateaacestor pacienţi pe perioada internării rămâne în continuare crescută.

Trialurile clinice nu și-au dovedit utilitatea îngenerarea b dieta chodakowska terapii care să amelioreze supravieţuirea. Autorii acestui studiu observațional au înrolat pacienţi neselecţionaţidin două spitale de rang b dieta chodakowska și au analizat caracteristicile demografice, clinice, evolutive și de tratament. Utilizând un modellogistic de regresie multivariată au fost evidenţiaţi următorii predictori independenţi de prognostic negativ: hipotensiuneaarterială, disfuncţia renală, edemele periferice, anemia și disfuncţia sistolică severă de ventricul stâng.

În contrast, tensiuneaarterială crescută b dieta chodakowska internare și ce alimente ard grasimea de pe burta beta blocantelor pe perioada internării au fost factori de protecţie care s-au asociatcu un prognostic pozitiv.

In addition, they also have high re-admission rates. The current data on acuteheart failure was offered by clinical trials and acuteHF registries.

In thiscontext, elders, patients with numerous comorbidities,severe forms of acute HF and patients with a wellpre served ejection fraction were often excluded fromtrials. The enrolment ofran do mly picked patients allows us to obtain essentialin formation about the demographical, clinical andman agement characteristics of these patients, as well asprog nostic data.

Lucica Grigorică — luci22grigorica yahoo. Prognostic factors in acute heart failureRomanian Journal of CardiologyVol. The enrollment period was betweenthe 1 st of January and the 31 st of December Only patients with acute HF were included. The patientswere categorized into the following clinical forms:ch ro nic decompensated HF, acute pulmonary edema APEcardiogenic shock, acute HF in hypertensionpeaks and isolated acute right HF.

This classificationwas done in accordance with the recommendations ofthe European Society of Cardiology regarding the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart b dieta chodakowska 1.

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The collected data was introduced in b dieta chodakowska Excel database. The quality of the data was randomly checked. Prognostic factors in acute heart failureArterial blood pressure is b dieta chodakowska most important parameterof the on-admission hemodynamic evaluation. The mean values of the sBP systolic blood pressure and dBP diastolic blood pressure were The highestBP values were noted for patients with APE in bothhospitals, whereas the lowest values were observed inpatients in cardiogenic shock.

The differences betweenthe two forms of acute HF were statistically significant p 90mmHg upon admission and only 5. Oral treatment recommended during hospitalization and on discharge general lot CEI - converting enzyme inhibitor; ARB - angiotensinII receptors blocker.

Figure 5.

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Oral treatment recommended during admission and on discharge general lot. Prognostic b dieta chodakowska in acute heart failureTable 5. The mean hospitalization time according to the onadmission sBP values data from the general lot On admission sBP value The mean hospitalization time days sBP mmHg 7.

None of the patients sufferingfrom acute hypertensive HF died. Acute de novoHF registered high mortality rates By using a mul tivariateregression logistic model, we identified the followingindependent negative prognostic factors: arterial hypotension,renal dysfunction, peripheral edema, anemiaand severe left ventricle systolic dysfunction. In contrast,high sBP on admission and the use of beta-blockersduring the hospitalization were protection factors,associated with a positive prognostic.

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In accordance with pre-Romanian Journal of CardiologyVol. Prognostic factors in acute heart failureents became increasingly higher. These registries havethe role of highlighting negative evolution prognosticfactors, capable of organizing the patients into riskgroups and receiving treatment in accordance with thisclassification.

Study limitationsWe consider that this study has the following limitations:a relatively small b dieta chodakowska of patients, short enrollmentperiod and a small number of medical centersinvolved.

Conflict of interests: none declared. Am Coll Cardiol ; Gheorghiade M, Filippatos Gerasimos. Eur Heart Jsupl. Eur B dieta chodakowska J Eur J Heart Fail ; Nationwide survey on acuteheart failue in cardiology ward services in Italy.

Eur Heart J ; Chioncel, C. Macarie, M. Gheorghiade et al. American Heart Journal,feb.

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Aldo P. Maggioni, Ovidiu Chioncel, Gerassimos Filippatos et al. Eur J Heart Fail Weatherley et al. Hyponatraemiain acute heart failure is a marker of increased mortality butnot when associated with hyperglicaemia, Eur J Heart Fail; 10 Ejection fractionand blood pressure are important and interactive predictors of4-week mortality in severe acute heart failure.

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Article accepted on the 6 th August Abstract: Background — Ischemic heart disease is responsible for most serious morbidity and mortality in diabetic patientswho have a 2 to 4 fold increase in the risk of coronary artery disease compared to non diabetic patients.

Objective — Toevaluate the particular features of ischemic heart disease in men with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Materials and methods — Aretrospective, case-control study created by comparative analysis of anamnestical, paraclinical and coronarographycal data of men angiographycally investigated for ischemic heart disease that were divided according to the presence of diabetes into2 groups with similar age distribution.

B dieta chodakowska — We objectified a high prevalence of ischemic heart disease in diabetic patientsaged The diabetic population more commonly presented obesity, hypertension, hypetriglyceridemia and lowHDL cholesterol b dieta chodakowska Diabetic men had more frequently b dieta chodakowska vessel disease Conclusions — In men with type 2 diabetes mellitus, the atherosclerosis risk factors obesity, hypertension and atherogenic dyslipidemia were better expressed and the coronary artery disease was more severewith complications after angyoplasty and required more often surgical myocardial revascularization.

Keywords: ischemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus, coronarographyRezumat: Introducere — Boala cardiacă ischemică este responsabilă pentru o mare parte a morbidităţii grave și mortalităţiipacienţilor diabetici, care au risc de 2 - 4 ori mai mare pentru dezvoltarea unei boli coronariene comparativ cu pacienții fărădiabet.

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Obiectiv — Evidenţierea particularităţilor cardiopatiei ischemice la bărbații aplicatie slabit free diabet zaharat tip 2. Material și metodă— Studiu retrospectiv, caz-martor, realizat prin analiza comparativă a datelor anamnestice, paraclinice și coronarografice a bărbați investigați angiografic pentru cardiopatie ischemică divizați în funcţie de prezenţa diabetului în 2 loturi cu distribuţiesimilară pe grupe de vârstă.

Concluzii — La bărbații diabetici, anumiți factori de risc aiaterosclerozei - obezitatea, hipertensiunea arterială și dislipidemia aterogenă au fost mai bine exprimaţi b dieta chodakowska afectarea coronarianăa fost mai severă, cu complicații postangioplastie și indicație mai frecventă de revascularizare miocardică chirurgicală.

It is considered b dieta chodakowska theprevalence of diabetes worldwide, estimated at 2. George I. Tel:E-mail: carmenplesoianu gmail. The clinical spectrum of IHD included silent myocardialischemia, various forms of angina pectoris stable, unstable and myocardial infarction. The mean age of the diabetic group was The age distribution of patients objectified a highprevalence slăbire machiajul corpului invasive coronary investigation in dia-Romanian Journal of CardiologyVol.

The majority of patients were from the urban area There were no statistically significant differencesin the duration of hospitalization in the 2 groups themean duration of hospitalization was 7 days.

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The incidence of stroke was b dieta chodakowska in the 2 groups 7. B dieta chodakowska heredity, smoking and chronic ethanolconsumption were more frequent in the controlgroup compared with the diabetic one All diabetic patients had type 2 DM. There were 17cases of newly diagnosed DM. The duration of diabetesvaried largely years with a mean duration of 6. Glycated hemoglobin was measured in 66 patientsand had a mean value of 8.

Diabetes mellitus wasgenerally poorly controlled. The average body mass index was The diabetic men weresuperior in number in all 3 groups of obesity Figu re2.

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Depending upon the value of blood pressure, patientswere divided in the following categories: normotensive- systolic blood pressure SBP Carmen Elena Plesoianu et al. Kinetic disorders were recorded in similar percentagesin both groups Averagethickness of the IVS was Men without diabetes that were angiographycallyinvestigated for IHD more frequently presented thediagnosis of myocardial infarction MI - acute AMI- Among patients with myocardial infarction thrombolysiswas performed in 6 diabetic patients and 18 patientswithout diabetes.


The analysis of angiographic data showed that diabeticmen had more frequent multivessel disease comparedwith non diabetics three vessel disease The incidence of IHD withoutcoronary lesions was very low in both groups. The left main coronary artery was more commonlyaffected in people without diabetes 8. The majority of patients with one vessel diseasepresented left descending artery lesions For the two vessel disease, the most common associationwas in both groups the lesions on left descendingand right coronary artery Distribution of the 2 groups according to the presence of myocardialinfarction.